Bullfrog Tadpole in 10 Gallon Tank

Tadpole Aquarium Tank Set-up & Care - P2
Care of Tadpoles
The tadpoles have been very easy to care for. We turn on their light during the day and turn it off at night. 

Feeding: Every day we try a few different types of food, to see if they show any interest (frog/tadpole food, goldfish flakes, algae wafers, chopped frozen or blanched lettuce / spinach). 

The tadpoles mainly seem to eat the algae growing on surfaces in the tank and become especially active when we feed small amounts of tadpole pellet food

See our article on finding and caring for bullfrog tadpoles for more detailed information.

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Bullfrog froglet sitting on wet brick in aquarium, above the water line.
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Latest Tadpole News 
Sad news today. Lumpy, the little bullfrog we raised from a tadpole 2 years ago, died of unknown causes today. 
Ribbit-In-Peace buddy!

Thanks for showing us how cool frogs are!

> See Lumpy's Story 
on the Tadpole
 Metamorphosis Page

Bullfrog That Recently Completed Metamorphosis
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Cleaning: We use a gravel vac to clean the tank by removing about half of the water while stirring up the gravel to remove sediment. Then replacing with the same amount of spring water or dechlorinated tap water.

Care of Froglets and Adult Bullfrogs
When the tadpoles developed into froglets and then adults, we made minor changes to the tank setup. The water level was lowered so that the tank was only 1/2 full and a brick was placed on top of an upside down pot to provide a place that the frogs can leave the water. The frogs eat earthworms, which we typically cut in half and place in a dish we made from the plastic lid of a container, with small holes drilled into it so that the dish doesn't fill with water. 

Don't Release Your Bullfrogs Outside!
Even if bullfrogs are native to where you live, it is NOT a good idea to release them into the wild. See the Carolina Biological Supply advisory sheet at bottom of page for more information.

Check it out! 

A Day in the Life of Our Bullfrog Tadpoles
The tadpole aquarium has live aquatic plants and many places for the tad to hide.
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