​​What Are the SPO Virtual Classrooms?

Science Prof Online offers FREE fully-developed science curricula. This page features the Virtual Biology Classroom, which focuses on general biology, our newest virtual classroom. Click here for our other biology classroom, the Virtual Biology Classroom - Health Careers (VBC-HC). Below are links to the VBC's lecture and homework materials. 

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Virtual Biology Classroom

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Tami Port, MS Chief Executive Nerd of Science Prof Online & College Biology Instructor
Tami Port, MS
Chief Executive Nerd of Science Prof Online & College Biology Instructor

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  • Cells - song by They Might Be Giants

Instructor's Corner
Virtual Biology Classroom Course Topics

Syllabus / Class Schedule Winter 2016

Homework & Reading Schedule Winter 2016

Study Guide Winter 2016


         Activity: "Blackfish" Film Study Worksheet

        ​Activity: Radiolab episode "Yellow Fluff" & HW Assignment

​​The Virtual Classrooms are organized by lecture into several topics, each lecture topic typically includes free:
  • PowerPoint lectures
  • lecture study guide 
  • class note articles
  • practice test and review questions
  • homework assignments

"Sit down before fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every conceived notion, follow humbly wherever and whatever abysses nature leads, or you will learn nothing."

 - Thomas Huxley (1825-95)

More Biology Resources​
The VBC offers homework assignments based on Radiolab 

 "Yellow Fluff"
Curious stories about what drives scientists!

"New Nice"
Artificial selection in Russian Silver Foxes, and the domestication of the human race!

Celebrates Chuck Darwin's birthday, his unrelenting curiosity and his great love for Emma.

"Henrietta's Tumor"
The story of Henrietta Lack's and her immortal cells.

Viruses have been downsizing!

What's eating you is smarter than you think!

Yellow Fluff HW doc
New Nice HW doc
Darwinvaganza! HW doc
Henrietta's Tumor HW
 - Shrink HW doc 
Parasites HW doc

Students are crazy about Radiolab! See what they have to say about the podcast:
Student Love Letters to Radiolab

Radiolab Logo

       * Radiolab episode "Shrink" & HW Assignment

  • Identification of Bacteria​
​        * Gram Stain & Streak Plate Technique Lab Main Page
         * How To Do a Gram Stain Lab Notes article
         * Gram-positive Bacterial Cell Wall, Class Notes article
         * Gram-negative Bacterial Cell Wall, Class Notes article
         * Streak Plate Technique for Isolating Bacteria, Lab Notes article
         * MacConkey's Specialized Bacterial Growth Media, Lab Notes article
         * Mannitol Salt Specialized Bacterial Growth Media, Lab Notes article

​         * Activity: Meiosis Exercise​​

  • Development, Tissues & Organ Systems
         * Embryonic Development Lecture PPT [Printable PDF File]
​         * Tissues Lecture PowerPoint [Printable PDF File]
​         * Human Organs & Systems Lecture PPT [Printable PDF File]

         Activity: Genetics of Simple Inheritance Worksheet

         Homework: Radiolab episode "Inheritance" ​& HW Assignment

  • Metabolism: Cellular Respiration & Fermentation
          * Cellular Respiration & Fermentation Overview Lect PPT [Printable PDF]

        Activity: Mitosis Exercise
         Homework: Radiolab podcast "Henrietta's Tumor" & HW Assignment


         * Radiolab episode "Darwinviganza" & HW assignment
         * Readiolab episode "New Nice" & HW assignment

  • Protists
         * Protista Lecture PPT [Printable PDF File]
         * Radiolab episode "Parasites" & HW Assignment

  • Land Plants
​        Lectures: 
        * Diversity of Life: Land Plants Lecture PPT [Printable PDF File]
         * "What Are The Plants Up To?" Lecture PPT [Printable PDF File]

  • Animals
        * Diversity of Life: Animals Lecture PPT [Printable PDF File]
         * American Robin Main Page
         * Cornell Lab of Ornothology Nest Watch: Become a citizen scientist!
         * Tasmanian Devils and DFTD
         * Devil Ark
         * African Cichlid Main Page
         * African Cichlid Dominance Hierarchy​

Aulonocara Peacock Cichlid
African Cichlid Behavior 
African cichlids are colorful fascinating freshwater aquarium fish. Meet the Cichlids we house in our 29-gallon tank and see a video of their  behavior! We also offer a Printable African Cichlid Displacement Behavior Sheet 
that can be used to score fish interactions and determine dominance hierarchy.