Animal Cell Structures, Functions & Diagrams - P3
Other Animal Cell Components and Organelles

  • Mitochondria: These double membrane-bound organelles are the tiny powerhouses of the cell, producing ATP  (adesnosine-5’- triphosphate), a nucleotide coenzyme that transports energy for use within the cell.

  • Cytoplasm: The inside of the cell, between the nucleus and plasma membrane, is filled with a gel-like fluid in which the organelles are suspended. The liquid portion of cytoplasm is called cytosol.

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Endomembrane System of a Eukaryotic Cell, Mariana Ruiz
Sources and Helpful Eukaryotic Cell Links
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Labeled Illustration of Mitochondrion
1. Inner membrane
2. Outer membrane
3. Cristae
4. Matrix fluid
  • Cytoskeleton: This network of fibers and tubules is present throughout the interior of the cell, providing support, anchoring organelles, helping with intracellular transport and cell division.

  • Centrioles and centrosomes: Only present in animal cells and some fungal cells, a pair of centrioles is located near the nucleus, in a region called the centrosome. These organelles are composed of microtubules, help build flagella and cilia, and form mitotic spindles during cell division.

Animal cell undergoing mitosis and stained with with fluorescent dyes.
Animal cell undergoing mitosis and stained with with fluorescent dyes.

The material stained green are the mitotic spindles, the material stained red is the cell membrane and some components of the cytoplasm near it, and the material stained light blue are the chromosomes..