Boy at science fair presenting poster of project "Germs & Worms"!
Boy at science fair presenting poster of project "Germs & Worms"!Boy at science fair presenting poster of project "Germs & Worms"!Boy at science fair presenting poster of project "Germs & Worms"!
Boy at science fair presenting poster of project "Germs & Worms"!
Kids gathering up Planaria flatworms with plastic pipettes, so that tank can be cleared.

Biology Activities for Home School & Classroom - P2
Page last updated 1/2016
Below is our continuing collection of family science explorations, all great FREE materials for home school or classroom use,  as well as for parents interested in doing science with their children outside of school, such as science fair projects.

Child and grandfather with microscope
Home School & Classroom Science Resources for Children
Kids are natural born scientists, full of curiosity! Exposing children to fun science, at a young age, will help foster a life-long love of learning. Here's our collection of useful links to great science resources perfect for home study.
Microscopic Pond Life 
Main Page
This is the main page for our explorations of microscopic, freshwater life. Here you will find a growing photographic guide, pond life coloring page, word search and links to some excellent web resources on this topic. Check back frequently, as we will be continually developing the information on this page.

Tabellaria Diatom Algae from Freshwater Pond
The Everything Kids' Easy Science Experiments Book: Explore the world of science through quick and fun experiments!
This Home School Science Page of the Science Prof Online website will be continually growing, as we carry out and document new experiments. So check back frequently, or follow us on Facebook or on Twitter @ScienceProfSPO to be notified when new materials are added.
​More SPO Science Home Experiments & Activities

Microbiology Experiments for 
Home and School
This page offers a collection of simple, inexpensive microbiology experiments on microbial control (how to kill microbes, such as bacteria) in the home. Every wonder if your dishwasher sanitizes the dishes? 
Kids gathering up Planaria flatworms with plastic pipettes, so tank can be cleaned.
The Tree That Time Built: A Celebration of Nature, Science, and Imagination
Exploratopia: More than 400 kid-friendly experiments and explorations for curious minds
Science Book Recommendations for Kids
Looking for More Free Science Eduction Resources?
NEW! Ten Human Genetic Traits: Which Do You Have?
What traits did you inherit from your mother; from your father? The most fun way to learn a little about genetics is to understand heredity first hand. Your own heredity! And you can do that by looking at the traits that you have. Can you roll your tongue? 
Tongue Rolling Dominant Genetic Trait

"Sit down before fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every conceived notion, follow humbly wherever and whatever abysses nature leads, or you will learn nothing."

 - Thomas Huxley (1825-95)

TSY Agar with sample from dirty dishwasher and clean dishwasher.
Currently there are three main biology topic areas:
  • Microbiology
  • Genetics 

NEW! Paper Airplane Flight Experiment!

Be a scientist by flying paper airplanes. Sweet! Learn about qualitative and quantitative data collection and averaging data from multiple trials.

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How clean does hand sanitizer really gets hands? Do steam mops do a better job of killing bacteria on floors than traditional mops? Find out here and lean how to carry out your own home micro experiments. 
Does bright sunlight make you sneeze? You can find the answers in your genes!
Paper Airplane Flight Experiment
Boy at science fair presenting poster of project "Germs & Worms"!
Here is my son with his first science fair entry, "Germs & Worms", featuring two experiments; one with flatworm regeneration, the other testing 
effectiveness of dishwashers in killing bacteria.
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Betta splendens, Siamese fighting fish: Male half moon betta tending bubble nest and eggs.

Betta Fish Care 
& Breeding

Follow the saga of Chelsea & Kevin, two star-crossed rather grouchy Siamese fighting fish.

Their love has blossomed and Kevin is now tending a bubble nest full of eggs!

Click here to learn more!