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Eukaryotic Cell Review Questions

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Eukaryotic Cell Review Questions
Eukaryotic Cell 
Practice Test Questions
Part I & Part II

These multiple choice and true/false questions are designed to help students practice and test their understanding of  
Eukaryotic Cells.
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Endomembrane System of a Eukaryotic Cell, Mariana Ruiz

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Page last updated: 9/2014
1. Briefly describe the structure and function of the energy-producing organelles mitochondria and chloroplasts.

2. What role do ribosomes play in carrying out the genetic instructions?

3. Describe the structural and functional distinctions between rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum.

These are review questions from the Virtual Cell Biology Classroom, designed to help students better understand the Eukaryotic Cell Structure & Function. They are based on materials that can be found on the Eukaryotic Cell Lecture Main Page.

4. What is the endomembrane system, and what is its function?

5. Which organelles are part of the endomembrane system. List each and describe its functions?

6. How do transport vesicles serve to integrate the endomembrane system.

7. How is the genetic material of prokaryotes and eukaryotes different? How is it the same?

8. How does the eukaryotic cell digest, or break down materials?

9. Which organelles are only found in plant cells, and what is their function? 

10. Which organelles are only found in animal cells, and what is their function?

11. List and describe the components and extensions of the eukaryotic cytoskeleton.

12. What are HeLa cells and what is their significance to medical research? See the resources Henrietta Lacks' "Immortal Cells" Smithsonian article and "Henrietta's Tumor" Radiolab episode to review this information. 

Animal Eukaryotic Cell, Mariana Ruiz
Image of generic eukaryotic cell. For labeled diagram of same cell, click here
For a practice assignment on diagramming a eukaryotic cell click here.
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