Cell Cycle: Meiosis 
Review Questions

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Cell Cycle: Meiosis Review Questions
Cell Cycle: Meiosis
Practice Test Questions

These multiple choice and true/false questions are designed to help students practice and test their understanding of  Meiosis
Sperm Fertilizing Egg

3. How does the karyotype of a human male differ from that of a human female?

4. Explain how the alternation of meiosis and fertilization in the life cycles of sexually reproducing organisms maintains the normal chromosome count for that organism.

5. Dog sperm contain 39 chromosomes. What is the haploid and diploid numbers for dogs?

6. Explain how the chromosomes in a cell at metaphase of mitosis are similar to and different from the chromosomes in a cell at metaphase of meiosis II?

7. Is is possible to tell what type of cell division has just taken place by observing the chromosome number (2n or n) of the resulting cells? Explain.

8. For both mitosis and meiosis, describe where and when they occur and what their purpose is in the human life cycle.

9. Name and describe two processes that occur during meiosis which ensure that no two gametes of an individual will be genetically identical.

1. How are traits of parents (such as eye color) transmitted to their offspring?

2. In sexually reproducing organisms, how similar are the offspring to the parents? Explain.

These are review questions are designed to help students better understand meiosis. They are based on materials that can be found on the Cell Cycle: Meiosis Lecture Main Page.

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