Inorganic Chemistry
Review Questions

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Inorganic Chemistry Review Questions
Chemicals in Flasks
Inorganic Chemistry 
Practice Test Questions
Part I & Part II

Free multiple choice and true/false questions designed to help students practice and test their understanding of 
Inorganic Chemistry.

1. Specifically, what is the atomic number of an element based on?

2. Name and describe the  3 types of chemical bonds that we discussed in class.

3. What determines whether a solution is acidic or basic?

4. What does it mean when a molecule is described as being 'polar'?

5. What is the relationship between an atom and an element? How and when do they differ?

6. Explain the statement "All compounds are molecules , but all molecules aren't compounds." Give an example.

7. What types of elements tend to form covalent bonds? What type form ionic bonds? 

8. Differentiate between oxidation and reduction. What event makes an atom or molecule reduced? oxidized?

9. Compare the terms solution, solute and solvent. What determines the concentration of a solution?

10. What is the difference between a mixture and a compound?

11. A dehydration reaction is a synthesis reaction and a hydrolysis reaction is a decomposition reaction. Describe specifically how dehydration makes bigger molecules. How does hydrolysis make smaller molecules?

These are review questions from the Virtual Cell Biology Classroom designed to help students better understand Inorganic Chemistry. They are based on materials that can be found on the Inorganic Chemistry Lecture Main Page.

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