Inorganic Chemistry 
Practice Test Questions II

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Inorganic Chemistry Sample Test Questions - Part 2
Inorganic Chemistry
Review Questions

Free review questions to help students better understand
 Inorganic Chemistry.

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Page last updated: 10/2014
a. ionic, covalent            b. ionic, hydrogen            c. covalent, hydrogen
                   d. hydrogen, covalent           e. cohesive, ironic

3. If a substance is composed of two or more different elements, it is considered... (choose the BEST answer)

a. a compound     b. a monomer     c. a molecule     d. an atom

4. If the symbol for a chemical element contains two letters, like the “Na” of sodium, we know that:

a. It is a very large atom.
b. It is the most common atom that begins with the letter N.
c. It is a very small atom.
d. It is not the most common element to begin with the letter N.

5. If an atom or compound loses and electron in a chemical reaction, it has been:

a. oxidized        b. reduced        c. carbonized         d. synthesized

6. A negatively charged ion is an anion.

a. True           b. False

7. A solution that is at a pH of 8 ______ than a solution with a pH of 1.

a. has fewer hydrogen ions
b. has more hydrogen ions
c has an equal number of hydrogen ions
d. is less concentrated

​8. Which number would most closely represent the pH of lemon juice? 

a.2    b. 4     c. 6      d. 10      e. 14

9. Hydrolysis is a reaction in which the removal of a water molecule (2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom) from two separate molecules results in one larger molecule.

a. True          b. False

10. A salt is:

a. A compound that dissociates in water and releases hydrogen ions (H+).
b. An atom that dissociates in water and forms cations and anions.
c. A compound that dissociates in water and releases hydroxyl ions (OH-).
d. A compound that dissociates in water and produces cations or anions other then H+ or OH-.

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1. In a solution of NaCl and water, NaCl is the ___ and water is the ___.

a. acid, base    
b. base, acid     
c. solute, solvent     
d. solvent, solute

2. The chemical bonds that link hydrogen and oxygen together in a water molecule are __________. The bonds that attract water molecules to other water molecules are __________.
The following questions, from the Virtual Cell Biology Classroom, are designed to help students better understand Inorganic Chemistry. All questions are based on materials that can be found on the Inorganic Chemistry Lecture Main Page.

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