Prokaryotic Cell Structure and Function Practice Test Questions

Prokaryotic Cell Structure & Function
Practice Test Questions II

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Prokaryotic Cell
Review Questions

Free review questions to help students better understand this topic.
Prokaryotic Cell Sample Test Questions - Part 2
1. Ribosomes contain:

a. DNA    
b. RNA    
c. peptidoglycan    
d. mitochondria    
e. none of the above

2. The cell membrane:
#1. is composed of phospholipid bilayer
#2. contains peptidoglycan
​#3. is selectively permeable
#4. prevents cell from bursting in hypotonic environment
#5. contains nuclear material

a. 1, 3, 5  
b. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  
c. 1, 3  
d. 2, 4, 5  
e. 1, 5 
3. What would happen if you gave a patient an IV of pure water?

a. Their blood cells would shrink.
b. Their blood cells would burst.
c. The patient would slowly become rehydrated.
d. I would be promoted for my outstanding level of medical care. 

4. In the scenario described in the previous question, which way would water be moving?

a. into the blood cells
b. out of the blood cells 
c. both into and out of, but with no net change
d. water would not be moving

5. Lipopolysaccharide is part of the outer membrane of Gram + bacterial cells.

a. True                                                       
b. False

​The following questions are designed to help students better understand this topic. All questions are based on material that can be found on the Prokaryotic Cell Structure & Function Lecture Main Page.
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6. If there were several bacteria that were shaped like the letter "o", arranged in a cluster, like a bunch of grapes, this arrangement of cells would be best described as:

   a. bacillus            b. cocci            c. staphylobacillus       
          d. staphylococcus       e. streptobacillus

7. A plasmid is …

a. the genome of a bacterium
b. the cellular protein factory
c. an extra piece of prokaryotic DNA that provides and advantage
d. part of the cell wall structure of members of Eubacteria

8. In prokaryotes, the term “lipid bilayer” is associated with…

a. the cellular endomembrane system
b. Gram positive cell walls
c. plasma membranes
d. ribosomes

9. If I boiled my dinner for a long time, and there were living bacteria in the food shortly after boiling, this would most likely be due to the fact that some of the bacteria in my food could produce ...

a. a capsule
b. a cell wall
c. endospores
d. large populations of bacteria
e. a slime layer

10. A sex pilus (plural is “pili”) would be used…
a. to help spiral-shaped bacteria move via a spinning motion
b. by a virus to move bacterial DNA
c. only by Gram-negative bacteria to allow them to adhere to cells and cause disease
d. to connect a donor bacterium to a recipient bacterium when transferring a plasmid
e. as internal framework of a bacterial cell, as part of the cytoskeleton

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