Microbiology Homework Assignments
Free Microbiology and Cell Biology Homework Assignments
Free Microbiology and Cell Biology Homework Assignments

Microbiology Homework Assignments

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Monsters Inside Me TV Show on Parasitism from Animal Planet

Monsters Inside Me

TV show, from Animal Planet, presenting case studies of people with parasitic infections. So interesting, you'll learn about parasitism without even trying!
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Prokaryote Cell Structure 
[Homework or all Student Materials]
Students label and define parts of a prokaryotic cell.

Bacterial Classification Spreadsheet
Study aid that students fill to include each species or genus of bacteria covered in class. The table requires identification of bacterial shape, how each type of bacteria would Gram, Acid-fast and Endospore stain and how the bacteria would respond to being plated on MacConkey's and Mannitol Salt Agar.

This page features all of the currently available microbiology
 homework assignments, all currently used and continually tested and refined in live college micro courses. 
Science Prof Online (SPO) is a free science education website. The Instructor's Corner offers fully developed biology courses; materials currently used in real, live high school and college introductory science classrooms. 

Radiolab Logo

"Sit down before fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every conceived notion, follow humbly wherever and whatever abysses nature leads, or you will learn nothing."

 - Thomas Huxley (1825-95)

The VBC offers homework assignments based on Radiolab 

 "Yellow Fluff"
Curious stories about what drives scientists!

"Henrietta's Tumor"
The story of Henrietta Lack's and her immortal cells.

Science will use it to fight cancer and maybe even bring extinct animals back from the dead!

Viruses have been downsizing!

What's eating you is smarter than you think!

Yellow Fluff HW doc
Henrietta's Tumor HW
- Shrink HW doc 
(coming soon!)
Parasites HW doc

Students are crazy about Radiolab! See what they have to say about the podcast:
Love Letters to Radiolab
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Eukaryote Cell Structure
[Homework Assignment or all Student Materials]​
Students draw and label a eukaryotic cell, then relate how the endomembrane system might be involved in helping a virus move into the cell, as well as destroying that virus.

Understanding Osmosis
Osmosis assignment helps students consider the fate of a bacterium placed in various tonicity scenarios, in contrast with what would happen to an animal cell. 

Differential & Selective Bacterial Growth Media 
[Homework Assignment or all Student Materials]​
Students identify and describe the selective and differential aspects of of two types of specialized growth media from photos. Assignment highlights the relationship between differential bacterial growth media and microbial metabolism. 

Microbial Genetics & Gene Transfer 
[Homework Assignment or all Student Materials]
Assignment helps students rehearse their understanding of the different types of microbial horizontal gene transfer.

Missing Microbes 
[NPR "Fresh Air" Hmwk Assignment]
Based on Terri Gross' interview with Dr. Martin Blaser, author of "Missing Microbes", a book about the potential importance of the human microbiome Assignment helps students rehearse their understanding of the different types of microbial horizontal gene transfer.

Patient Zero [Radiolab Homework Assignment]
The "Patient Zero" podcast episode begins with the story of perhaps the most iconic Patient Zero of all time: Typhoid Mary, then unfolds a molecular detective story to pinpoint the true beginning of the AIDS epidemic. 
Teaching opportunities for this episode: epidemiology, ethics, typhoid, history of HIV, tracing HIV lineages through genetics

Parasites [Radiolab Homework Assignment]
What's gotten into you? The "Parasites" Radiolab episode tells the fascinating story of several parasites including hookworms, parasitic wasps, flukes and protozoans, then asks listeners, “Are parasites degenerates or some of evolution’s craftiest forms of life?” 
Teaching opportunities for this episode: parasite ecology, microbiology, challenge student perception of parasites, hookworm, toxoplasmosis. 

Rabies [Radiolab Homework Assignment]
Based on the Radiolab podcast "Rodney vs Death," this episode describes the disease, history of rabies treatment, and details Jenna Giese's amazing recovery following use of the Milwaukee Protocol.
​Teaching opportunities for this episode: viruses, infectious disease, history of rabies, treatment of rabies, medical ethics

Virtual Microbiology

8 week or 
16 week course

The Virtual Microbiology Classrooms provide a wide range of free educational resources including PowerPoint Lectures, Study Guides,  Practice Test Questions, 
Microbiology Images & Videos.
Ermahgerd Microbiology Science
Missing Microbes Microbiology Homework Assignment
Contagion Movie
What might happen if a deadly, highly contagious new infectious disease hit the scene? The film "Contagion" provides an excellent opportunity to peek at this scary scenario of infectious disease, how it spreads and which organizations would be involved in tracking and controlling a dangerous outbreak. Completing the Contagion Homework Assignment helps students better understand this complex and fascinating film.

KPC Superbug
[Homework Assignment]
​In 2012, NPR Talk of the Nation featured the story "Hospitals Fight to Stop Superbug's Spread"  about the NIH superbug, a Klebsiella pneumoniae (KPC) that resists most antibiotics, and that killed a several patients at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in Maryland. Similar outbreaks of heath care-associated infections spread in hospitals across the country every day.​

Immunology & Infectious Disease: Chlamydia
[Homework Assignment]
Assignment ask students to consider how the Chlamydia trachomatis bacterium infect cells, and how it would interact with the different lines of human immune defense. 

Virus Life Cycle
Students compare the lytic and lysogenic cycles of viral reproduction. Includes illustration.

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Contagion Movie Poster
CRISPR [Radiolab Homework Assignment]
Episode explores CRISPR, a cutting-edge method of genetic engineering discovered with the help of E. coli. Scientists may someday use CRISPR to fight cancer and even resurrect extinct animals. But could tinkering with this biotechnology change the course of human evolution?
Teaching opportunities for this episode: genetic engineering, bioethics

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