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Medical Terminology Practice Test Questions
These are practice test questions from the Virtual Anatomy and Physiology Classroom.  They are based on materials that can be found on the Medical Terminology Main Page.
For each directional term below, choose the structure or location that best fits the term.

2.Distal:         a. shoulder     b. elbow         c. sternum

3.Lateral:       a. sternum      b. nose          c. shoulder

4.Superior:     a. nose           b. chin           c. forehead

5.Superficial:   a. skeleton     b. muscles      c. skin

6.Proximal:      a. brachial     b. manus         c. carpal

7.Ventral:        a. gluteal      b. thoracic       c. popliteal

Fill in the blank using the best selections below. Each selection will only be used once.

8.The ______________ region is the most distal from the inguinal region.

9.The abdominal region is medial to the _____________ region.

10.The _____________ region is lateral to the nasal region.

11.The axillary region is proximal to the ______________ region

12.The ____________ region is ventral to the lumbar region.
                                a. manus
                                b. orbital
                                c. plantar
                                d. abdominal
                                e. coxal

​13.The anatomical position is:

a.Standing upright, arms at the side, palms facing backward, feet together
b.Standing upright, arms at the side, palms facing forward, feet together
c.Laying supine, arms spread out, palms facing up, feet spread apart
d.Laying prone, arms spread out, palms facing down, feet together
e.Standing upright, hands at side, palms facing inward, feet spread apart

​14.Assign each of the organs below to their specific cavity.

    _____ Brain                                      a. abdominal
    _____ Lung                                       b. cranial
    _____ Spinal cord                              c. pelvic
    _____ Spleen                                    d. spinal
    _____ Liver                                       e. Thoracic
    _____ Stomach
    _____ Uterus
    _____ Heart
    _____ Small intestine
    _____ Bladder

1.  If an incision cuts the brain into superior and inferior parts the section is a _________ section, but if the brain is cut so that left and right parts result it is a ________ section. 

If the incision results in the dorsal side of the brain being separated from the ventral side of the brain it is a _________ section.
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