Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology Practice Test Questions

Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology
Practice Test Questions

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Introduction to Anatomy Practice Test Questions
These are practice test questions from the Virtual Anatomy and Physiology Classroom.  They are based on materials that can be found on the Intro to Anatomy & Physiology Main Page.
a. epidermis     b. dermal papillae     c. hypodermis
d. friction ridges     e. both a and c     f. both b and d

3. Put the following in sequence of formation from 1-4:

_____ primary friction ridges

_____ volar pads

_____ secondary friction ridges

_____ sweat glands

4. Circle A for an question about anatomy and P for a question about physiology.

A PHow is oxygen transported by blood cells?
A PWhere is the vagus nerve?
APIs the gallbladder inferior to the liver?
APWhich hormone regulates blood sugar?
APWhat is the order of chemical reaction?
APWhich structures are inside the nefron of a kidney?

5. Which anatomical plane divides a human body into right and left halves?
a. frontal     b. medial     c. sagittal     d. transverse
          e. all of the above     f. both b and c

1. Monozygotic twins have the same:

a. genetic code
b. fingerprints
c. birthday
d. mother
e. both a and d
f. both b and c

​2. Fingerprints are formed by:

Intro to Anatomy
Review Questions

These open-ended questions are designed to help students practice and test their understanding of  Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology concepts.
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6. Put the following in order from smallest to largest:

_____ organ system          _____ atom

_____ cell                       _____ tissue

_____ organ                    _____ organelle

7. The fingerprint to the right has which of the following patterns:

a. arch           b. loop          c. whorl

8. Which two types of fingerprint minutiae can be found within the green border on the fingerprint to the left?

a. bifurcation          b. delta           c. island    
                 d. cross-over        e. pore