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Introduction to Anatomy Review Questions
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These multiple choice and true/false questions are designed to help students practice and test their understanding of Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology concepts.

Intro to Anatomy & Physiology Practice Test Questions
These are practice essay prompts from the Virtual Anatomy and Physiology Classroom.  They are based on materials that can be found on the Intro to Anatomy Main Page.

1. Choose a body system you are already familiar with and describe an object belonging to that system for each of the organization levels.
  • Atom
  • Molecule
  • Organelle
  • Cell
  • Tissue
  • Organ

2. How would majoring in anatomy be different than majoring in physiology at the college level? Make sure to include details about future career or educational opportunities for each.

3. Describe 3 examples from everyday life that could represent the three major body planes. Provide specific details for each example and relate your details to the human body.

4. Using detail and proper anatomical terms, explain why identical twins do not have identical fingerprints. Make sure to include the descriptions of the anatomy of fingerprints and the physiology behind the formation of fingerprints.

5. How are twin studies helpful for medical research?

6. Describe the similarities and differences between gross and microscopic anatomy.

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