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Metabolism: Catabolism of Proteins & Fats
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Catabolism of Proteins & Fats Sample Test Questions
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Catabolism of Proteins & Fats Review Questions

These multiple choice and true/false questions are designed to help students better understand the Catabolism of Proteins & Fats.
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Endomembrane System of a Eukaryotic Cell, Mariana Ruiz

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3. A components of fat is...

a. nucleotides      b. amino acids   c. fatty acids   d.phospholipids     e. wax

4. When fats are broken down, the glycerol from the fat molecule is transformed into an intermediate product of which metabolic sub-pathway?

a. glycolysis   
b. synthesis of acetyle Co-A
c. Kreb's Cycle
d. the electron transport chain

5. Other parts of fat molecules are cut into two-carbon fragments that enter cellular respiration as...

a. ATP
b. acetyle-Co-A
c. glucose
d. the end product of Kreb's Cycle
1. In order for fats and proteins to be metabolized, these molecules must first be converted to glucose.

a. True              b. False 

2. In breaking down protein molecules, amino acids are...

a. dehydrated    
b. hydrolyzed    
c. phosphorylated      
d. synthesized

​The following questions, from the Virtual Cell Biology Classroom, are designed to help students better understand this topic. All questions are based on material that can be found on the Catabolism of Proteins & Fats Lecture Main Page.

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