Chemistry of Solutions
Practice Test Questions

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Chemistry of Solutions Practice Test Questions
Chemistry of Solutions
Review Questions

Free review questions to help students better understand the
  Chemistry of Solutions.

The following questions are designed to help students better understand the chemistry of solutions. All questions are based on materials that can be found on the Chemistry of Solutions Lecture Main Page.

1. In a solution, what is the general term for the substance that is dissolved?

a. solute 
b. solvent 
c. solid 
d. compound 
e. liquid​

2. A solution in which the solute and solvent are evenly distributed is considered to be ...

a. heterogeneous
b. hydrophobic
c. homogeneous
d. adhesion
e. a hydrogen bond

3. Hydrophilic means ...
a. water hating
b. non-polar
c. water loving
d. hydrophobic
e. heterogenenous

4. The covalent bond that holds a water molecule together is ... 
a. polar
b. non-polar
c. hydrophobic
d. hydrophilic
e. hydrogen

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5. An example of the cohesive property of water is ...
a. surface tension
b. a heterogenous solution
c. a homogeneous solution
d. a hydrophobic solution
e. a sugar water solution

6Which are examples of the "like dissolves like" rule of solubility?
a. a sugar water solution
b. oil and water
c. a mineral oil and vegetable oil solution
d. both b & c
e. both a & c

7Water is called the “universal solvent” because it can dissolve...
a. polar covalent compounds
b. non-polar covalent compounds
c. ionic compounds
d. bot a & b
e. both b & c

8. The chemical bonds responsible for the cohesive property of water are ...
a. polar covalent
b. non-polar covalent
c. ionic
d. hydrogen
e. both a & d
f. both a & c

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