Chemical Structure of Methane
Chemical Structure of MethaneChemical Structure of MethaneChemical Structure of Methane
Chemical Structure of Methane
Organic Chemistry Practice Test Questions

Organic Chemistry 
Practice Test Questions II

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Organic Chemistry Sample Test Questions - Part 2
Organic Chemistry
Review Questions

Free review questions to help students better understand
 Organic Chemistry.
Structure of the methane molecule: the simplest hydrocarbon compound.

a. carbohydrate      b. nucleic acid    c. amino acid       d. lipid      e. protein   

4. What type of reaction creates a peptide bond?

a. hydrolysis      b. decomposition       c. dehydration     d. mixture

5. Which type of organic macromolecule is not composed of monomer subunits?

​a. carbohydrate       b. protein          c. nucleic acid        d. lipids

6. Some carbohydrates function in energy storage others in an organism’s structure.

a. True           b. False

7. In a protein molecule, an alpha helix relates specifically to which level of structure?

a. primary            b. secondary           c. tertiary   
        d. quaternary            e. benandjerry

1. Which of the following could be a carbohydrate 

a. phospholipid       
b. DNA      
c. wax      
d. polysaccharide     
e. polypeptide

2. In a protein molecule, the beta pleated sheet relates specifically to which level of structure?

a. primary       
b. secondary       
c. tertiary       
d. quaternary      
e. benandjerry

3. The chitin that makes up an insects exoskeleton is made from which type of molecule?
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The following questions, from the Virtual Cell Biology Classroom, are designed to help students better understand Organic Chemistry. All questions are based on material that can be found on the Organic Chemistry Lecture Main Page.

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8. Which of the following is a single monomer in a nucleic acid?

a. monosaccharide      b. polymer      c. nucleotide  
               d. amino acid           e. pentose sugar

9. Which of the following could be a polymer of nucleotides?
a. phospholipid       b. DNA          c. wax
           d. polysaccharide       e. polypeptide

10. Amino acids are linked to the next amino acid in the sequence by which of the following bonds?
a. hydrogen          b. ester          c. glycosidic       
              d. peptide         e. hydrophobic