History of Microbiology Test Questions - Part 1
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History of Microbiology Practice Test Questions

History of Microbiology
Practice Test Questions I

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1912 Journal Cover With Cholera Depicted as Grim REaper
Match the pioneers of microbiology with the methods that they are known for:

3. Fracesco Redi ________
4. Lazzaro Spallanzani _______
5. Louis Pasteur _______
6. John Tyndall ______
7. Anthony van Leeuwenhoek _______

a. early pioneer of the microscope
b. swan-necked flasks
c. heating at intervals to kill bacteria
d. boiled broth in airtight flasks
e. decaying meat in open; gauze-covered; and sealed jars

8. Edward Jenner came up with the first vaccine to prevent people from getting cowpox.

a. True                     b. False

9. Robert Koch made many contributions to the study of microbiology. One discovery that was important in allowing us to study microbes was...

a. His use of agar as a bacterial growth medium
b. His invention of the Petri dish
c. His experiments with smallpox
d. The discovery of penicillin

10. John Snow made what important contribution to microbiology...

a. He discovered the vaccine to cure cholera
b. He was an English physician
c. He mapped cholera cases in London and found their source
d. He discovered how to stain bacteria so they could be studied

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Practice Test Questions.

1. On what evidence did Aristotle base his belief in 
spontaneous generation?

a. Animalcules
b. Experiments with broth
c. His belief in magic
d. Observing living things seemingly arise from non-living matter.

2. John Needham's experiments on spontaneous generation were most likely flawed because:

a. He didn't use heat to kill the microbes.
b. His flasks never has microbial growth to begin with.
c. He didn't seal or cover the containers of broth.
d. He did it right. It was the other guy, Spallanzani who screwed up the experiment.

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History of Microbiology
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