History of Microbiology Practice Test Questions

History of Microbiology
Practice Test Questions II

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History of Microbiology
Review Questions

Free review questions to help students better understand this topic.
History of Micro Test Questions - Part 2
1912 Journal Cover With Cholera Depicted as Grim REaper
1. Who developed postulates to demonstrate that microorganisms 
caused disease?

a. Semmelweis    
b. Metchnikoff     
c. Koch     
d. Nightingale

2. Who discovered penicillin?

a. Hesse  
b. Fleming  
c. Pasteur  
d. van Leeuwenhoek 
e. Domagk

​3. Who initiated the use of carbolic acid to sterilize surgical instruments and wound dressings?
a. Tyndall   b. Lister   c. Jenner   d. Ehrlich   e. Nightingale

4. Who recommended hand washing between patients to reduce infection and death following childbirth?

a. Jenner        b. Pasteur        c. Hesse        d. Semmelweis

5. Who can we credit for making the discoveries that led to the microscope that you use in lab? 

a. Jenner     b. van Leeuwenhoek     c. Pasteur      d. Lister

6. Christian Gram solved what important problem facing microbiologists?

a. How to kill Gram+ and Gram- microbes.
b. How to view microbes and distinguish between two main types.
c. How to prevent the spread of infectious disease
d. How to make microbes more attractive through the use of colorful dyes.

​The following questions, from the Virtual Microbiology Classroom, are designed to help students better understand this topic. All questions are based on material that can be found on the History of Microbiology Lecture Main Page.

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Prokaryotic Cell, Mariana Ruiz

Photographic guides to differential stains 
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1. Gram Stain
2. Acid-fast Stain
3. Endopsore Stain

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7. Who developed the chicken cholera and rabies vaccines?

a. Snow    b. Lister    c. Jenner     d. Pasteur   e. Nightingale

8. Sulfa drugs were originally made from an ingredient in a...

a. chicken    b. mold     c. scab      d. dye      e. endospore 

9. Joseph Lister...

​a. was influenced by Pasteur's studies
b. is the father of modern antisepsis
c. was trying to decrease the incidence of wound infection
d. used carbolic acid to sterilize instruments
e. all of the above

10. Who started the first nursing school?

a. Redi
b. Fleming  
c. Pasteur  
d. Nightengale
e. Sammelweis

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