Virus Life Cycle
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Virus Life Cycle Review Questions
Virus Cycle of Infection, National Academy of Sciences
Viral Life Cycle Practice Test Questions

​These multiple choice and true/false questions are designed to help students practice and test their understanding of this topic.
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1Viruses cannot reproduce without the help of a living cell. Explain the basics of how viruses make more viruses.

2. What type of virus infects bacteria? How does this virus enter the host bacterium and reproduce? How does it exit the bacterium?

3. Explain the difference between lytic replication and lysogeny.

​4. Compare and contrast the intracellular and extracellular state of a bacteriophage.

​5. How do animal viruses enter their host and reproduce? How do they exit the host cell?

6. Compare and contrast the intracellular and extracellular state of an animal virus.

7. What is transduction? Explain the role that bacteriophages and their host bacteria play in this form of horizontal gene transfer.

These are review questions from the Virtual Microbiology Classrooms (8-week & 16-week) designed to help students better understand viruses. They are based on materials that can be found on the Virus Life Cycle Main Page.

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