Diagram of the Electron Transport Chain

The Basics of the Electron Transport Chain - P3
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Electron Transport Chain of Cellular Respiration
3. Phosphorylation of ADP (The payoff!)

The hydrogen ions (H+), on the side of the membrane where most concentrated, will eventually flow back across the membrane, down the proton gradient, through an enzyme called ATP synthase

As each H+ moves back across the membrane, the enzyme ATP synthase phosphorylates (adds a phosphate to) adenosine diphosphate (ADP) to make the high energy molecule ATP, which can be used for many different energy-requiring reactions throughout the cell.

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Where Is the Electron Transport Chain?
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Animated Video on the Electron Transport Chain
Illustration of Electron Transport Chain
Electron Transport Chain in Mitochondria: Black arrows represent electron transport. Red arrows represent hydrogen ions (H+).
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Electron Transport Chain in Thylakiod Membrane of Chloroplast
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Endomembrane System of a Eukaryotic Cell, Mariana Ruiz
Electron Transport Chain of Cellular Respiration
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