Introduction to Microbiology Practice Test Questions

Introduction to Microbiology
 Practice Test Questions

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Introduction to Microbiology
Review Questions

Free review questions to help students better understand this topic.
​Intro to Microbiology Sample Test Questions
Pink Happy Face Made of E. coli Growing on MacConkey's Agar
1. What are normal flora?
a. bacteria that normally cause disease
b. microbes that live on and in your body that don't normally cause you harm
c. bacteria that can be grown in lab in bacterial cultures
d. bacteria that is normal in shape and size

2. Yersenia pestis is the causative agent of ...
a. smallpox
b. influenza
c. bubonic plague
d. AIDs

3. Which of the following diseases is NOT caused by a virus?
a. smallpox
b. influenza
c. bubonic plague
d. AIDs

4. Which of the following diseases has been eradicated (wiped out)?
a. smallpox
b. influenza
c. bubonic plague
d. AIDs

The following questions, from the Virtual Microbiology Classroom, are designed to help students better understand this topic. All questions are based on material that can be found on the Introduction to Microbiology Lecture Main Page.

E. coliGram-negative, lactose fermenting, normal flora of the intestines, happily growing on MacConkey's agar.
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Prokaryotic Cell, Mariana Ruiz
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5. Which of the following best describes what a pandemic is?
a. an infectious disease that kills people quickly
b. a vaccination program that eliminates an infectious disease 
c. an infectious disease that kills a lot of people
d. an infectious disease that spreads across a large geographic region

6. How is West Nile Virus (WNV) transmitted?
a. airborne droplets from people coughing and sneezing
b. from touching surfaces in which the virus has landed
c. through bites from insect vector
d. through ingestion of contaminated food and water
e. by traveling on the Nile river in Africa

7. What is a nosocomial infection?
a. an infection of the mucous membrane of the nose
b. an infection acquired from a health care environment
c. an infection transmitted by nasal secretions
d. an infection acquired while traveling abroad

8. Normal flora would typically have what type of relationship with it's host?
a. mutualism
b. commensalism
c. parasitism
d. antagonism
e. communism