Virus Structure Practice Test Questions

Virus Structure 
Practice Test Questions

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​Virus Structure Sample Test Questions
Virus Type: Bacteriophage
Virus Structure Review Questions

​These multiple choice and true/false questions are designed to help students practice and test their understanding of this topic.
1. What are viruses 
made of?

a. sugar, spice and everything nice
b. at least a capsid (protein) and nucleic acid
c. always an envelope, capsid and DNA
d. only nucleic acid
​​2. Viruses differ from living organisms in that viruses...

a. have nucleic acid
b. cannot reproduce on their own
c. can transform energy
d. can make protein

3. The viral capsid is composed of subunits called... 

a. virettes
​b. glycoproteins
c. envelopes
d. capsomeres
e. nucleic acid

4. The genetic material of a virus is a combination of both DNA and RNA.

a. True                             b. False

5. A virus is a tiny infectious... (Choose the BEST answer.)

a. cell
b. living thing
c. particle / agent
d. nucleotide
e. protein

The following questions, from the free science education website Science Prof Online, are designed to help students better understand this topic. All questions are based on material that can be found on the Virus Structure Lecture Main Page.

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​6. A capsid is:

a. an organelle
b. part of a viroid
c. part of a prion
d. part of a virus 

7. The envelope of a virus is obtained from the ________ of its host cell.

​a. cell wall
b. glycocalyx
c. membrane
d. receptors
e. waxy coating​

8. What part of the structure of a virus would include phospholipids?

a. nucleic acid   
b. capsid     
c. envelope   
d. genetic material 
e. glycoprotein spikes

​9. A virus that is specific for a bacterial host is called a:

a. phage       b. prion       c. virion        d. viroid      
                           e. animal virus

10. Which part of an animal virus’ structure is responsible for host recognition?

a. envelope
b. glycoprotein spikes  
c. capsid
d. capsomeres 
e. tail fibers

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